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Global Cities at Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour
reviewed by David Manley.

(Added 20 July 2010)

Previous Book Review

Remaking Regional Economies. Power, Labor, and Firm Strategies in the Knowledge Economy
Reviewed by Katariina Ala-Rämi

(Added 24 May 2010)

Book Reviews

The Book Review series aims to chart recent publications of predominantly Economic Geographers but also, where relevant, of those in cognate disciplines. The series is formed of two parallel sets of reviews:

Thematic Reviews. One set of thematic reviews mirror the group's Annual Symposium whilst others are established as appropriate (feel free to contact the editors to propose a set of books for a themed review).

General Reviews. These are ad hoc reviews, commissioned by the EGRG or offered by authors for publication on the website. Reviews should normally be around 1000 words in length and will be made available as html files via this section of the website.

Current Thematic Reviews

‘Economic geographies of post-socialist transition’

Previous/Recent Thematic Reviews

‘Economic globalisation’

'Global commodity chains, global value chains and global production networks: governance and development'

'Teaching Economic Geography: new texts'

'City and regional economies'

If you have books of interest to readers, want to review a particular book, or would like to respond to a review published on the site, either as author or reader, please contact John Harrison or Kim Ward, the joint EGRG book review editors. The EGRG strongly holds to an inclusive view of reviews and positively encourages debates which reflect the complex ways in which texts are read.

Please note:
The contents of book reviews remain the responsibility of their author and no implication should be drawn that the views expressed are necessarily shared by the committee or membership of the Economic Geography Research Group.

The reviews are © Economic Geography Research Group, 1998 but non-exclusive permission is granted to print out and reproduce them (electronically or otherwise) for research and teaching purposes within educational institutions as long as the source is acknowledged in full, and also for anybody to print out any of the pages for their own personal use. Permission is NOT automatically granted for any other reproduction and in such circumstances you should contact the group's secretary.

For reviews pre 2006 you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (downloadable from Adobe) to view PDF file(s). PDF files open in a new window.

2010 Reviews

Global Cities at Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour
Edited by Jane Willis, Kavita Datta, Yara Evans, Joanna Herbert, Jon May and Cathy McIlwaine
reviewed by David Manley.             
Managing Financial Risk: From Global to Local
Edited by Gordon L. Clark, Adam D. Dixon and Ashby H.B Monk
reviewed by Ben Spigel.             
Critical Reflections on Regional Competitiveness, Routledge Studies in Human Geography
By Gillian Bristow
reviewed by Sioned Pearce.             
The Social Economy: International perspectives on Economic Solidarity
Edited by Ash Amin
reviewed by Doug Lionais.             
Creative Cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development
Edited by Philip Cooke and Luciana Lazzeretti
reviewed by Roberta Comunian.             
Remaking Regional Economies. Power, Labor, and Firm Strategies in the Knowledge Economy
by Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark
reviewed by Katariina Ala-Rämi.             
Evolutionary Economic Geography: Location of production and the European Union
by Miroslav Jovanovic
reviewed by Allison Wylde.             
Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts. The governance of the global value chain
by Fiorenza Belussi and Alessia Sammara (Eds)
reviewed by Grete Rusten
The New Introduction to Geographical Economics
by Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Charles Van Marrewijk
reviewed by Vítor Braga
The Trouble With Capitalism: An Enquiry into the Causes of Global Economic Failure
by Harry Shutt
reviewed by Andrew Johnston

2009 Reviews

A Successful Transformation? Restructuring of the Czech Automobile Industry
by Petr Pavlínek
reviewed by Christian Weis.
It Takes a Village: Women’s Entrepreneurship, Resource, Networks and Place
by Megan Blake
reviewed by Carol Ekinsmyth.
Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations
by Pierre-Philippe Combes; Thierry Mayer; and Jacques-François Thisse
reviewed by Vítor Braga.
What Do We Know About Globalisation?: Issues of Poverty and Income Distribution
by Guillermo de la Dehesa
reviewed by Kim Ward.
Economy: Critical Essays in Human Geography
edited by Ron Martin
reviewed by Jon Swords.
Globalising Worlds and New Economic Configurations
edited by Christine Tamásy and Mike Taylor.
reviewed by Russell Prince.

Knowledge Economies: Innovation, Organization and Location,
by Wilfred Dolfsma.

reviewed by Iain Evans.
Industrial Agglomeration and New Technologies. A Global Perspective,
edited by Masatsugu Tsuji, Emanuele Giovannetti, Mitsuhiro Kagami.
reviewed by Silvia Grandi.
The Economic Geography of Innovation,
edited by Karen R. Polenske.
reviewed by Allison Wylde.
The Digital Economy: Business Organization, Production Processes and Regional Developments,
by Edward J. Malecki and Bruno Moriset.
reviewed by Proinnsias Breathnach.
Applied Evolutionary Economics and Economic Geography,
edited by Koen Frenken.
reviewed by Simon Turner.

2008 Reviews

The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization,
edited by Giovanna Vertova.
reviewed by Tim Vorley
A Sociology of Globalization,
by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by R. Comunian.
Cities in a World Economy,
by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by Corinne Nativel.
Deciphering the Global: Its Scales, Spaces and Subjects,
edited by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
Globalization Theory: Approaches and Controversies,
edited by David Held and Anthony McGrew.
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Regional Competitiveness,
edited by Ron Martin, Michael Kitson and Peter Tyler.
reviewed by Andrew Johnston.
Creative Regions: Technology, Culture and Knowledge Entrepreneurship,
edited by Philip Cooke and Dafna Schwartz.
reviewed by Roberta Comunian.
Knowledge-based Services, Internationalisation and Regional Development,
edited by James W.Harrington and Peter W.Daniels.
reviewed by Pawel Capik.
Geographies of the New Economy: Critical Reflections,
edited by Peter Daniels, Andrew Leyshon, Mike Bradshaw and Jonathan Beaverstock.
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Regional Knowledge Economies Markets, Clusters and Innovation,
by Philip Cooke, Carla De Laurentis, Franz Todtling, Michaela Trippl.
reviewed by Atle Hauge.
New Directions in Economic Geography,
edited by Bernard Fingleton.
reviewed by Frank van Oort.
World City,
by Doreen Massey.
reviewed by Henry Yeung.

2007 Reviews

Politics and Practise in Economic Geography,
Eedited by Adam Tickell, Eric Sheppard, Jamie Peck and Trevor Barnes.
reviewed by Ebru Cigdem Thwaites.
Local and Regional Development,
by Andy Pike, Andrés Rodrìguez-Pose and John Tomaney.
reviewed by Roberta Comunian.
Economic Geographies: Circuits, Flows and Spaces,
by Ray Hudson.
reviewed by Arnoud Lagendijk and Roos Pijpers.
Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction,
edited by Neil Coe, Philip Kelly and Henry Yeung.
reviewed by Oli Mould.
Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy,
by Peter Dicken
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Geographies of Commodity Chains,
edited by Alex Hughes and Suzanne Reimer.
reviewed by Jennifer Johns.
Economic Geography, Past, Present and Future,
edited by Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen and Helen Lawton Smith
reviewed by James R Faulconbridge and Adrian Smith.
Building Knowledge Regions in North America,
by Leonel Corona, Jérôme Doutriaux and Sarfraz A. Mian
reviewed by Peter Karl Kresl.
The Global Cities Reader,
edited by Neil Brenner and Roger Keil
reviewed by John Harrison.

2006 Reviews

Universities, Innovation and the Economy,
by Helen Lawton-Smith
reviewed by Tim Vorley.
Geographies of Globalization,
by Warwick E Murray
reviewed by Tim Vorley.
Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories,
edited by Philip Cooke and Andrea Piccaluga
reviewed by Frank Rennie.
Gender Divisions and Working Time in the New Economy: Changing Patterns of Work, Care and Public Policy in Europe and North America,
edited by Diane Perrons, Colette Fagan, Linda McDowell, Kath Ray and Kevin Ward
reviewed by Julie MacLeavy.

2005 Reviews

Alliance Capitalism and Corporate Management, (PDF 22KB),
edited by John Dunning and Gavin Boyd
reviewed by Andrew Jones.
The Emancipatory City? Paradoxes and Possibilities, (PDF 125KB),
edited by L.Lees
reviewed by Julie MacLeavy.
Agriculture in the New Global Economy, (PDF 19KB),
by William Coleman, Wyn Grant and Tim Josling
reviewed by Allan Butler.
Regionalisation of globalised innovation. Locations for advanced industrial development and disparities in participation, (PDF 55KB),
edited by U. Hilpert.
reviewed by Stijn Oosterlynck.
Entrepreneurship and regional economic development. A spatial perspective 2004, (PDF 30KB),
edited by H.L.F. De Groot, P. Nijkamp, and R.R. Stough.
reviewed by Aleid Brouwer.
The new competition for Inward Investment, (PDF 25KB),
by Phelps, N. and Raines, P.
reviewed by Donald Houston.
Cars, carriers of regionalism, (PDF 22KB),
edited by Jorge Carillo, Yanick Lung and Rob van Tulder
reviewed by Tom Donnelly.
Narrative and discursive approaches in entrepreneurship, (PDF 14KB),
edited by D. Hjorth and C. Steyaert.
reviewed by Fergus Lyon.
Postcolonialism meets economics, (PDF 21KB),
edited by E.O.Zein-Elabdin and S.Charusheela.
reviewed by Jane Pollard.

2004 Reviews

Alternative Economic Spaces, (PDF 20KB),
edited by A. Leyshon, R. Lee and C.C. Williams.
reviewed by Kevin Thomas.
Reading Economic Geography, (PDF 24KB),
edited by T. J. Barnes, J. Peck, E. Sheppard, and A. Tickell.
reviewed by Vassilis Monastiriotis.
Local Enterprises in the Global Economy Issues of Governance and Upgrading, (PDF 24KB),
edited by Hubert Schmitz, and Edward Elgar.
reviewed by Diane Perrons.
Service Worlds: People, organisations and technologies, (PDF 26KB),
by John R. Bryson, Peter W. Daniels and Barney Warf.
reviewed by Peter Wood.
De-Coca-Colonization: Making the globe from the inside out, (PDF 23KB),
by Steven Flusty.
reviewed by Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
Remaking the Global Economy: Economic-Geographical Perspectives, (PDF 14KB),
edited by J Peck and H Yeung.
reviewed by David Gibbs.
Bridging the Global Digital Divide, (PDF 17KB),
by Jeffrey James.
reviewed by Andrew Murphy.
The Consumer Society and the Postmodern City, (PDF 7KB),
by David B. Clarke.
reviewed by Laura Neher.

2003 Reviews

Enterprising Oxford: the growth of the Oxfordshire high technology economy, (PDF 23KB),
by Lawton Smith, H., Glasson, J., Simmie, J., Chadwick, A. & Clark, G.
reviewed by Paul Benneworth.
Global Shift: Reshaping the Global Economic Map in the 21st Century, (PDF 21KB),
by Peter Dicken.
reviewed by Jacob Jordaan.
Hybrid Geographies. Natures, Cultures and Spaces, (PDF 11KB),
by Sarah Whatmore.
reviewed by Johanne Allinson.

2002 Reviews

Technology, Globalisation and Poverty, (PDF 15KB),
by Jeffrey James.
reviewed by Corinne Nativel.
Public Investment and Regional Economic Development, (PDF 15KB),
edited by Daniel Felsenstein, Ronald McQuaid, Philip McCann and Daniel Shefer.
reviewed by Helen Lawton Smith.
Entrepreneurship and the Internationalization of Asian Firms, (PDF 12KB),
by Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
reviewed by Andrew Jones.
The Record of Global Economic Development, (PDF 13KB),
by Eric Jones.
reviewed by Moritz Lennert.
Refashioning the Rag Trade: Internationalising Australia's Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industries, (PDF 16KB),
by M. Webber and S. Weller.
reviewed by David Gibbs.
Human Ecology: Basic concepts for sustainable development, (PDF 6KB),
by Gerald G. Marten.
reviewed by Frank W. Rennie.

2001 Reviews

A United Kingdom? Economic, Social and Political Geographies, (PDF 11KB),
by John Mohan.
reviewed by Danny MacKinnon.
Conflict and cooperation in participatory natural resource management, (PDF 11KB),
Roger Jeffery and Bhaskar Vira (Eds.).
reviewed by Frank Rennie.
Dissident geographies: An introduction to radical ideas and practice, (PDF 13KB),
by Alison Blunt and Jane Wills (2000).
reviewed by Mick Charlton.
The associative economy: insights beyond the welfare state and into post-capitalism, (PDF 14KB),
by F. Archibugi (2000).
reviewed by Colin C Williams.
Statistical methods for geography, (PDF 11KB),
by P.A.Rogerson (2001).
reviewed by Kevin Mole.
Knowledge, space, economy, (PDF 16KB),
edited by Bryson, J. R., Daniels, P. W., Henry, N. and Pollard, J. (2000).
reviewed by Paul Benneworth.
A companion to economic geography, (PDF 26KB),
edited by Eric Sheppard and Trevor Barnes (2000).
reviewed by Anthony Vigor.

2000 Reviews

Landscapes of globalisation: Human geographies of economic change in the Philippines, (PDF 9KB),
by Philip F. Kelly (2000).
reviewed by Ton van Naerssen.
Multimedia and regional economic restructuring, (PDF 18KB),
by Hans-Joachim Braczyk, Gerhard Fuchs and Hans-Georg Wolf (1999).
reviewed by David Gibbs.
Reconstructing the regional economy: Industrial transformation and regional development in Slovakia, (PDF 15KB),
by Adrian Smith (1998).
reviewed by Adam Swain.
Global economy, global justice, (PDF 7KB),
by G.F. DeMartino (1999).
reviewed by Andrew Dawson.

1999 Reviews

Informal employment in the advanced economies: Implications for work and welfare,
by Colin C Williams and Jan Windebank (1998).
reviewed by Kevin Ward.
Globalising food: Agrarian questions and global restructuring, (PDF 19KB),
edited by David Goodman and Michael J. Watts, (1999).
reviewed by Alex Hughes.
Geographies of economies,
Roger Lee and Jane Wills (eds) (1997).
reviewed by Martin Jones.
The regional world:Territorial development in a global economy, (PDF 17KB),
by Michael Storper (1997).
reviewed by Andy Pike.
Making a living in Europe, (PDF 15KB),
by Alan Townsend (1997).
reviewed by Irene Hardill.