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Chairman Jones

Chairman, Andrew Jones

Secretary James

Secretary, Al James

Treasurer Hess

Treasurer, Martin Hess

Annual Events Officer, Hall

Annual Events Officer, Sarah Hall

Annual Events Officer, James

Annual Events Officer, Laura James

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, James Faulconbridge

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, James Faulconbridge

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, John Harrison

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, John Harrison

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, Kim Ward

Working Paper and Book Review Editor, Kim Ward

The Committee

Honorary Officers

Chair & Web Officer

Andrew Jones

Andrew's research interests are:

  • transnational work in the commercial and voluntary sectors
  • globalisation, and specifically, the nature transnational firms and organisations
  • theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of the 'globalisation' debate
  • corporate social relations, contact networks, culture and business practices
  • critical social theory and the relationship between politics, the academy and policy development
  • urban policy and transport planning

For more, see Andrew's website at Birkbeck, University of London.


Al James

Al’s interests are in the areas of: high tech learning and innovation; gender, family, work and employment; and the development of India’s new e-service economy.  Right now he is looking at everyday geographies of work life ‘balance’ and learning in the IT sector in the UK (Cambridge and the SE) and Ireland (Dublin); and the operation and outcomes of call centre labour market intermediaries in India (Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon) and the UK (NorthWest region). 

For more, see Al’s website at Queen Mary, University of London.


Martin Hess

The Economic Geography Research Group is funded by an annual stipend from the Royal Geographical Society, partly as a standing grant and partly in relation to subscriptions to the Researh Group. Our funding is therefore modest, and we aim to supplement the activities of the Group with income from sponsorship and publication royalties. In recent years, the annual prizes for PhD and Master's dissertation - aimed at promoting the work of young economic geographers - have been supported by sponsorship from academic publishers. Furthermore, a number of seminar events have been supported by additional financial support from host universities.

We would welcome proposals from any interested institution who would like to offer sponsorship for our annual prizes, events, annual conference meeting or other activities undertaken by the group. Please contact Martin Hess, Treasurer, EGRG at the following email address:

Martin is an economic geographer with a specific interest in the following research areas:

  • Evolution and change of global production networks
  • Organisation and embeddedness
  • Economic geography and cultural political economy

For more, see Martin's website at the University of Manchester.

Ordinary Members

Annual Events Officer

Sarah Hall

Sarah's research interests focus on: the geographies of money and finance; geographical engagement with the social studies of finance; the spatialities of economic knowledge and learning; the geographies of business and professional education; and relational approaches in economic geography. She has explored these themes through empirical research into London's financial district, business education in the UK and US and Europe's executive search industry. She is currently exploring the role of financial business education in the (re)production of financial theory and particular types of financial expertise.

For more, see Sarah's website at the University of Nottingham.

Annual Events Officer

Laura James

Laura's research interests lie in the areas of economic restructuring and its impact on gender and class relations, the 'knowledge economy', unemployment and labour market policy, and regional economic development. She is currently working on a project looking at the nature and dynamics of knowledge in the Automotive and New Media sectors in the West Midlands, which is part of a larger comparative study of the impact of the 'knowledge economy' on the development of different European regions.

For more, see Lara's website at the University of Birmingham.

Working Paper and Book Review Editor

James Faulconbridge

James's research interests lie broadly within the field of economic geography with a focus on three areas:

  • Globalization and the role of professional service firms (PSFs)
  • Geographies of the 'knowledge economy'
  • Relational economic geography

As the Working Paper Series and Book Review Editor along with John Harrison he is keen to encourage everyone out there who considers themselves an economic geography to make the group's website a dynamic resource that charts the latest developments in the sub-discipline. For those of you who have been around a bit longer and have settled into being an Economic Geographers the Book Review and Working Paper Series can be used to promote our latest work long before any journal can provide advance access proofs. More importantly, for postgraduates the Working Paper Series can be used as a forum to air your work for the first time and ask for gentle and supportive feedback.

Please get in touch with any ideas for how the two series can be improved and evolved. Also please do send in your reviews and papers so that we can make a visit to the website worthwhile for everyone!

For more, see James's website at the University of Lancaster.

Working Paper and Book Review Editor

John Harrison

John's research interests lie within the broad scope of economic geography, with a specific focus on regions, regionalism and regionalisation; the political-economy of regional policy; the new city regionalism; and state rescaling. To date, these themes have been explored primarily through empirical research into the shifting geographies of cities and regions in the political-economic governance of England.

For more, see John's website at Loughborough University.

Working Paper and Book Review Editor

Kim Ward

Kim’s research lies broadly in the area of socio-economic geography. Her research looks at the development of sustainable communities and examines the development and deployment of socio-economic urban policies within deprived local areas, identifying and considering their outcomes through empirical research carried out in the South West of England.

For more information see Kim’s website at the University of Exeter