Economic Geography Research Group

Fostering research in Economic Geography

Discussion Lists

Anyone can join the mailbase discussion list associated with the group by sending the message 'subscribe economic-geography First Name Last Name' in the main body of the message to:

Do not put a subject in. This is free!

For example, Tony Blair's message would read 'subscribe economic-geography Tony Blair'

Due to a technical hitch (an infinite set of feedback loops) subscribers to the Economic Geography Specialty Group listserver are NOT subscribed to the EGRG's mailbase list (contrary to our plans...)

Archives of the list website and other information about the list are available at: (New Window)

To subscribe to the Economic Geography Specialty Group of the AAG listserver, you should send an e-mail to:

Inside the body of the mail message type "subscribe ECGEOG-L" Do not put "subscribe" in the subject line or quotes.