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Teaching Resources

Reproducing and sustaining a cohort of active Economic Geographers is an essential part of the EGRG's remit. Promoting the teaching of Economic Geography through engaging and exciting syllabi, teaching aids and resources goes a long way towards ensuring a future generation of scholars are encouraged to call themselves Economic Geographers. Through this section of the website we aim to provide access to a range of resources that members might use to enhance and develop their teaching.

As with all parts of the website, this relies on contributions from members. Anyone with ideas for additional material or willing to contribute teaching resources should contact a member of the committee.

Syllabi and Teaching Aids

One effective way of sharing best practice is through the exchange of ideas and materials between those actively teaching Economic Geography. Below is a list of individuals who currently teach Economic Geography and are willing to provide access to their course materials. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this should contact the individual directly.

Why not join up yourself? If you have materials you are willing to share please send details to one of the committee members who will arrange for your name to be added to the list below.

Neil Coe, Manchester University (

Courses taught: 'Geographies of Globalization' (1st year undergraduate introductory lectures); 'Geographies of Labour' (3rd year undergraduate); 'Spaces of Globalization' (MA seminar course); Cuba field course (2nd year undergraduate).

Materials available: Module booklets; PowerPoint Slides; other learning resources.

James Faulconbridge, Lancaster University (

Courses taught: 'Economic Geography' (1st year undergraduate introductory lectures); 'Globalization and the World Economy' (3rd year undergraduate); New York field course (3rd year undergraduate).

Materials available: Module booklets; PowerPoint Slides; Virtual Learning Environment Resources.

Web Links

Below is a list of potentially useful websites providing a range of pedagogic materials. If you know of other sites that members may find useful please send details to a member of the committee.

General pedagogy sites