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Hull 2003

Session 1: Cities, Regions and Governance in the Information Age

Chaired by Professor Graham Haughton

Rethinking the local development mechanism discourse-what are the missing actors and missing analysis of learning policy-networking?. Shiuh-Shen Chein (Crison) (Department of Geography, London School of Economics).
Transnationalisation of European Governance: The role of TeleCities. Andrew Hewitson (Department of Geography, University of Hull).
Ireland's love affair with the Information Society: The Celtic-Cyber-Tiger and the rise of regional divergence. Patrick Collins (Department of Geography, University of Hull).

Session 2: Banking and Investment

Chaired by Dr. Andy Jonas

Inside a Charity Bank: an ethnographic account of risk, ordering and performing a socio-financial narrative. Martin Buttle (Department of Geography, University of Birmingham).
What are the critical determinants of successful investor-investee relationships in UK private equity?. Paul Search (Birkbeck College, University of London).

Session 3: Knowledge, Production and Social Economy

Chaired by Professor Dave Gibbs

Geographies of knowledge production in producer service firms: the role of world cities. James R Faulconbridge (Department of Geography, Loughborough University).
An ethnographic account of contact/call centre training programme in Nottingham. Julian Clarke (Department of Geography, University of Nottingham).
The contribution of the community co-operatives of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the development of the social economy. Mike Gordon (Department of Geography, University of Sheffield).

Session 4: Regional Development and the Environment

Chaired by Dr. Derek Spooner

European Environmental Governance: 'Partnerships' for 'Participation' the English regions' changing relationship with the European Union. Liza Griffin (School of Geography and Environment, Oxford University).
Integrating economy and environment: the potential role of eco-industrial development. Amy Proctor, Department of Geography. University of Hull).

Nottingham 2002

Session 1

New forms of trade union activities in the context of labour market restructuring. Jane Holgate (Queen Mary, University of London).
Ethical investors and the social economy. Martin Buttle (University of Birmingham).
Rules, risks and rebels: investment banking in the City of London. Sarah Hall (Universtiy of Bristol).
Life before Birth: a geography of single pregnant women. Rachel Murphy (University of Nottingham).

Session 2

Pathways to integration': tackling social exclusion on Merseyside - Exploring the role of children in local regeneration'. Sarah Brennan (University of Liverpool).
The geography of call centres. Julian Clarke (University of Nottingham).
Rethinking the economic through geographies of mutual aid'. Richard White (University of Leicester).
The implosion of the U.S energy sector: The crisis surrounding the collapse of Enron and other energy traders'. Mike LaBelle (University of Bristol).

Newcastle 2001

Session 1: The Information and Communication Technologies and Regional Development

The Rise of the Information Society and the Consequences for Regions in Europe. Patrick Collins (University of Hull).
Telephone Call Centres and the Financial Services Industry. Julian Clarke (University of Nottingham).
Guidelines for Integrating E-commerce with Multimedia Content and Physical Environments. Thomas Adelaar (Telematica Institut Netherlands).

Session 2: The Institutions, Governance and Local and Regional Development

A New Approach to Regeneration? Reflections on the New Deal for Communities in Newcastle. Lorna Dargan (University of Newcastle).
Business Associations: Representation and Regional Governance. Liz Dixon (University of Newcastle)
Organised Labour at the Regional Level: Analysis of the Opportunities and Challenges. Peter O'Brien (University of Newcastle).
Image, Representations and Governance in Inward Investment Promotion. Martin Bickl (University of Durham).

Session 3: The Knowledge, Universities and Innovation in Regional Development

Institutional Capacity in the Less Favoured Regions. Kati-Jasmin Kosonen (University of Tampere, Finland).
Challenge for the Role of Universities in Regional Development. Fumi Kitagawa (University of Birmingham).
Sequences of Innovation: Novel Approaches to New Regionalism in the Periphery. Paul Benneworth (University of Newcastle).

Session 4: The Researching Networks

The Geographies of UK High Tech Sector Investment'. Andrew Walker (University of Birmingham).
Networking Methodologies: Media Industries in Manchester'. Jennifer Johns (University of Manchester).

Manchester 2000

Session 1: The Region

The Economic Competitiveness of Former Coalfield Areas: The Case of South Yorkshire. Nick Bowes (University of Sheffield).
Rationality and Culture in Explaining Political Action in Regions and Cities. Stephen Greasley.
Researching the Region: Rethinking Political-Economic Development. Anthony Vigor (University of Manchester).

Session 2: Marginality

Women of Easy Virtue? Rachel Murphy (University of Nottingham).
Researching Homework in the Electronics Sector in Portsmouth: Some Methodological Issues. Jane Rodgers (University of Portsmouth).
The Ecology of Food Deserts. Hillary Shaw (University of Leeds).

Session 3: Labour

Trade Unions and the Governance of Regional Development: the Case of the Northern Trades Union Congress in North East England. Peter O'Brien (University of Newcastle).
Retaining Regional Assets?: An analysis of the post -plant closure labour market movements of the Semiconductor workforce in the North East Region. Stuart Dawley (University of Newcastle).
Work: The 'Work-Poor', ,Work-Shy, and 'Work-Rich,: Some New Reflections on Some Old Constructions. Niamh O'Connor (University of Edinburgh).

Session 4: LIndustry

How Culture Determines Regional Economic Trajectories: The Changing Landscape of the European Costume Jewellery Production. Thorsten Hüelsmann (University of Bonn).
Media Geographies: An Analysis of Corporate Change. Jennifer Johns (University of Manchester).
How to Get Ahead in Dairy Farming? Thomas MacMillan (University of Manchester).