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2010 Working Papers

Working Paper 01.10

Unrewarded careers in the creative class: The strange case of Bohemian graduates

Comunian Roberta, Alessandra Faggian and Qian Cher Li


'Bohemians' and 'creative industries' are the focus of this paper. In particular, we focus on the sub-group of highly educated bohemians (or 'Bohemian graduates') who obtained a degree in 'artistic subjects' (as defined by Florida 2002a) from UK-based higher education institutions (from now on referred to as HEIs). We will present evidence of the role of 'Bohemian graduates' in the development of the 'creative industries' but also focus on what kind of career profiles (including salary and job level) these Bohemians graduates are likely to achieve. We will also briefly discuss the role of London as a hub for the UK creative economy and attraction pole for the 'Bohemian graduates'.