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2009 Working Papers

Working Paper 02.09

The spatial dynamics of the inventor network in German biotechnology: geographical proximity versus triadic closure

Anne L.J. Ter Wal


This paper analyses the spatial dynamics of the inventor network in German biotechnology between 1970 and 1995, aiming to introduce a spatial dimension into the dynamic analysis of innovation networks. After a long-lasting phase of knowledge exploration biotechnology experienced a transition towards increasing knowledge exploitation in the late 1980s. We argue that this transition impacts on the dynamics of the inventor network. On the basis of a patent-based reconstruction of the inventor network and a stochastic estimation model of network evolution, this paper shows that geographical proximity between inventors is mostly relevant in a situation of knowledge exploration, when knowledge is predominantly tacit. By contrast, triadic closure gains relevance in a situation of knowledge exploitation, with higher levels of knowledge codification and the associated risk of unintended and costly knowledge leakages. Accordingly, triadic closure is becoming a more important driver of network dynamics over time.